Hans Christian Teisen

CEO & Co-founder

Hans Christian Teisen is co-founder and Chairman at SigmaRiskPartners.

Hans Christian has extensive business and management experience and knowledge about risk management on strategic as well as operational level.

Mr. Teisen was until 2014 Executive Vice President & CFO in Orifarm Group. Until June 2012 he served as partner and COO at PwC since December 2008. In PwC Hans Christian was responsible for Finance, IT, HR, Procurement, Marketing, Communication and Education. Previously he served as Executive Vice President at Veloxis Pharmaceuticals A/S and earlier as Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer at Bavarian Nordic A/S, where he was also responsible for commercial affairs since 2004. Prior to joining Bavarian Nordic A/S, Mr. Teisen was Vice President of Finance, IT, Procurement & Strategy at Rockwool Scandinavia. Mr. Teisen was diplomat with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark, where he served as Head of Section, Foreign Policy Department and First Secretary of Embassy in London.

Hans Christian holds a M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and an E*MBA from Scandinavian International Management Institute.

Hans Christian is also owner and manager of Vognserup Estate with agriculture, rental houses, foresting and hunting.