DAB selects SIGMAOpRiskLight to strengthen operational incident management and reporting

SigmaRiskPartners is pleased to announce that Danske Andelskassers Bank (DAB) has selected SIGMAOpRiskLight to advance its operational incident registration, review and reporting capabilities. SIGMAOpRiskLight allows for easy and compliant incident registration from the business, and it provides DAB with a total operational incident overview, including automated standard risk and regulatory reports.


Being part of the SIGMAOpRisk framework, furthermore enables DAB to grow into more advanced operational risk management going forward, including assessing potential operational events, mapping and evaluating risk mitigators, performing risk calculations and taking a portfolio model approach for supporting the capital adequacy assessment process. It even allows for benchmarking to external operational loss experience from other SIGMAOpRisk users.

Jan Pedersen (CEO, Danske Andelskassers Bank)
© Flemming Jeppesen, Fokus

About Danske Andelskassers Bank
DAB is a listed – full service – regional retail bank with more than 20 branch offices in western Denmark. DAB is among the 20 largest danish financial institutions.

About SigmaRiskPartners
SigmaRiskPartners is a specialized fin/reg-tech firm that offers unique frameworks for risk-based decision-making in financial institutions, large companies and organizations. We provide software and advisory solutions within operational and strategic risk management.

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